July Residency at C'est What in Toronto

Tonight kicks off our three week residency at C'est What in Toronto, featuring my friends John Tayles (July 14), Trish MacAulay (July 21) and Beth Moore (July 28) as weekly musical guests.

Facebook Event Page

Please share ... and we hope to see you there! :)

Meghan: T - @megsmorrison     F - @meghanmorrisonmusic  I - @meghanmorrisonmusic
John:      T -  @JohnTayles           F - @JohnTayles                         I - @JohnTayles
Trish:      T - N/A                              F - Trish MacAulay's Music        I - @TrishMacAulay
Beth:       T - @BethMooreMusic  F - @bethmooremusic               I - @bethmooremusic

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