A Halifax-born Maritime-Canadian, Meghaan LeBlanc grew up singing along to Rankin Family tunes, listening to ghost stories, and building make-believe villages in the snow. It is fitting then that her forthcoming EP (“Elementals”), rich with fantasy, pop hooks, and Celtic undertones, would draw upon the spirit of the elements to tell tales and bring people together through song.

This fusion of Roots Revival and Chamber Pop styles is what caught the attention of Raine Maida (front man of Our Lady Peace) who invited LeBlanc (then, Morrison) to open for Moon vs Sun (a collaborative project with his wife, Chantal Kreviazuk) at The Mod Club in Toronto while participating in Canada’s Music Incubator. And it was her hauntingly beautiful a cappella renditions of traditional East Coast folk tunes that had her featured both nights at the Sealight Skylight Festival in Nova Scotia in 2019.

But don’t let the dreamy lilting fool you – though her music is otherworldly, the messages of LeBlanc’s songs are strongly rooted in this reality and inspired by an academic background in the arts and sciences of well-being. An advocate for bridging mental, physical, and spiritual health, LeBlanc has taken to social media to create a safe space for connection and self-expression amidst the drama and noise online. 

“In an age of social influence and instant access to information, artists (at any stage of their career) have a stronger platform than ever to be the change they sing about in the world… and we have a choice: we can either do nothing, fuel the hate, or fuel the love. I’m choosing love.”

Elementals is available for pre-order now.

Meghaan (Morrison) LeBlanc is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller from the misty shores of Nova Scotia. Performing an ethereal blend of a cappella folk tunes and original music, she has shared a stage with notable Canadian artists such as Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo), Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace), and Chantal Kreviazuk. LeBlanc’s upcoming ‘Elementals’ EP scintillates with magical realism, and is due to be released in 2023.

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With her powerfully melodic, folky vocal stylings and youthful quirkiness ... [LeBlanc] is one to keep an eye out for.”

— Toronto Music Reviews

Cover Art: Jonathan Hobin

Cover Art: Jonathan Hobin

We need more music like this.”

— Emm Gryner

A true troubadour.”

— Lipstik Indie

... a delight.”

— Life with More Cowbell